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Where to Stay

Many visitors to Stora Karlsö choose to stay for a night or two. This is a way of getting to know the island and explore its charms. Visit the Ancylus cave ”Stora Förvar” and find the traces of man. Have a look inside the museum. Take a leisurely walk around the island and admire the sunset. All is quiet, the breeze gentle, the air mild and the water crystal clear. You may even consider taking a quick dip instead of your morning shower.

There is a traditional hostel where you can stay. In fact the one on Stora Karlsö was appointed hostel of the year in 2003 by the Swedish Tourist Association. You might even like to stay in the old lighthouse or the former living quarters of the lighthouse keeper, where the standard is higher and room service is included in the price. Bed-linen and towels are included in all prices.

Whether you stay overnight or just for the day a guided tour is definitely something to be recommended.

Prices – The old lighthouse / the former living quarters of the lighthouse keeper SEK each night
Adults From 935 SEK/room
Prices – The Sea House SEK each night
Adults, Double room/Twin-bedded room From 1100 SEK/room
Prices – The Hostel SEK each night
Adults, single room From 275 SEK/room
Adults, Double room/Twin-bedded room From 635 SEK/room
Addition, if not having an International Guest Card––
– Adults
– Children


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